What is Joopz?

Joopz is a "web text" messaging service that allows its users to send messages from the web to any mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada, and vice versa.

Who is MobileSphere?

MobileSphere is a leading provider of global wireless communications solutions leveraging the migration from fixed to mobile telephony. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, MobileSphere serves MVNOs and wireless carriers, medium-to-large enterprise, universities, and consumers. To learn more about MobileSphere, please visit our corporate website.

How does Joopz work?

Joopz uses SMS (short message service) to direct and redirect text messages sent through mobile providers.

How does Joopz differ from other web-based SMS services?

As far as we know, Joopz is the only web-based service that allows two-way web texting – from the web to the phone and back. With other services, replies will go to the sender's phone or email address – not ideal for real-time planning or collaboration.

Joopz also offers unique features like Group Messaging, Scheduled Messaging, Reminders, and SMS Forwarding.

Who should use Joopz?

Joopz was created to make text messaging easier to use, more convenient and more accessible. Think of Joopz as your online command center for text messaging. Joopz has been well received by all types of people – from young professionals stuck behind a PC all day - to college students working in the library all night - to parents who want to reach their kids after school. If you get frustrated with sending text messages from your cell phone’s tiny keypad while you’re at work or in class – you’re not alone! Try it today and you’ll be sending and receiving text messages in no time.

Does Joopz work with all mobile providers?

Joopz works with over twenty (20) major U.S. and Canadian wireless providers, including AT&T (Cingular), Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel and Virgin Mobile. We are constantly adding new providers to serve as wide an audience as possible; please let us know if you have trouble using Joopz on your wireless provider.

How much does it cost to use Joopz?

This depends on how much web texting you plan on doing. For the casual texter, there's Joopz Basic, our free service that allows you to send up to fifty web texts per month. If that's not enough, we also offer Joopz Premium, which gives you unlimited texting plus Advanced Contact Management and an archived Conversation History of every message sent and received through Joopz. Premium is $2.95 per month or $19.95 for the year.

What charges, if any, will my carrier charge me for using Joopz?

You will not incur any charges from your wireless carrier for sending out or receiving text messages using Joopz. However, if you turn SMS forwarding on (so that you receive responses on your mobile phone in addition to the Joopz website), then your carrier will charge you what they normally do when you receive a text message on your mobile phone.

Will the person receiving my text messages be charged?

Yes, the person you send a text message to will be charged by their carrier as they normally would for receiving a text message. For carriers, a Joopz text message is no different than receiving a text message directly from your mobile phone. So depending on what type of text messaging plan they have, they will be charged accordingly.

Why do you need my mobile phone number?

We need your mobile phone number for two reasons: 1) to populate the header on outgoing messages, so that the recipient knows who the text is coming from when they receive it, and 2) when you use SMS forwarding, we know what mobile number to forward the message to. Please note that we DO NOT collect your mobile number because we need it to charge you, because the carrier needs to charge you, or for any other reason not mentioned above. Most importantly, we have very strict spam and privacy policies (learn more). We do not send any text messages to your mobile phone number or those that you correspond with on Joopz.

How do I send a message with Joopz?
  1. Create an account by choosing a username and password and entering your mobile phone number.
  2. Once you're logged in, type a message into the message window.
  3. Enter the mobile number of the person receiving your message.
  4. Choose to send the message immediately, or specify a later time or date.
  5. Click "send the message."
How does Group Messaging work?

Group Messaging works exactly the same as individual messaging (see "How do I send a message with Joopz?"), except instead of entering just one recipient's mobile number, you can enter up to 10. You can also assign names to your groups so you don't have to type in all those numbers every time.

When using Group Messaging, you also have the option of web texting in Broadcast mode or Chat mode. In Broadcast mode, when someone in your group replies to the message, their reply only comes to you. Chat mode means replies are sent to everyone else in the group - like hitting "Reply All" to an email.

What if I need to log off? Is there a way to redirect incoming messages to my phone?

Yes, it's called SMS Forwarding. If you've started a conversation on Joopz but need to get up from the computer, click on this feature and it will automatically forward all incoming messages to your mobile phone. You won't miss a word!

Can I send Joopz messages from abroad?

Yes! Joopz web texts can be sent from any web-enabled device worldwide to any U.S. or Canadian mobile phone.

Does Joopz work with international numbers?

At the moment, Joopz web texts can only be sent to U.S. and Canadian mobile phones, but we're working hard to expand this to as many countries as we can.

Can I sign up for Joopz with an international mobile phone number?

Yes. International users can sign up to use Joopz, but SMS forwarding is not available to these users. We hope to make all of Joopz's functions fully available to all users very soon.

What do I do if the mobile phone number for one of my Joopz contacts changes?

Just delete the existing contact and create a new contact with their new mobile phone number.

How can I get in touch with someone at Joopz?

Contact us with questions, suggestions, compliments, or complaints.

What is the Joopz privacy policy?

MobileSphere is committed to protecting the privacy of our visitor's personally identifiable information. To learn more click here to view our privacy policy.

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